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Clients Testimonials

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2020 BPC Finalist

I applied for the Business Plan Competition like everyone else with my business plan and every other requirement. Luckily, I got nominated out of hundreds of applicants and I was among 10 winners. I won M100,000.00 for the first time in my life and that was amazing. With the funds I bought office equipment and paid rent, along with other office operational expenses. Since that day I have acquired new clients everyday who register for courses here at Girls Coding Academy. I’ve switched from a smaller working space to a bigger room with an office apartment. We are getting ready to build a branch thanks to BEDCO.

Maneo Mapharisa

Girls Coding Academy

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2020 BPC Finalist

“We now have practical human resources and a financial strategy that we are implementing. Our production capacity has increased by 100%. Through the relationships forged with incubates, we have begun to exchange services and source from one another.”

Hape Marite Mphale

Black Hair (Pty) Ltd

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2019 BEP Winner

“Winning the funding assisted us in getting recognition for our brands (Linford Vodka and Senate Gin). The training we got from the BEP was very impactful because we understood our business better. We the BEP fund, we were able to purchase equipment that expended our production by tenfold. I had more confidence to seek investment because the BEP had hope in our business.

Neo Sekhesa

House of Linford

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2017 BEP Winner

“I was absolutely new in business when I won the prize. The BEP helped me organize myself, formalize my business and it is safe to say they initiated me in this journey. Our very first machinery came from the funding and it was great to stop cooking from my small kitchen.”

Lipuo Nkholi

Limomonane Products

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2020 BPC Finalist

"My business started operating on 6 March 2019 with only one incubator with capacity of 2.9. The funding I received was of tremendous help and continues to be because I was not only able to improve my work environment, but I was also able to purchase an incubator with a capacity of 5.2. If it were not for BEDCO and the Business Plan Competition I would still be far behind in terms of growing my business, but because of them I have since seen an increase in sales."

Bokang Tsikoane

BK Poultry and Hatchery

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2020 BEP Winner

"I learned a lot about formalizing the business and my business was formilized and that helped a lot in approaching higher market. We were in the position to rent a commercial site and buy more raw

materials and that helped to increase the production.  The business also hired two people who work full time and those who work part time. We able to buy new shapes and that helped to improve our products’ appearance."

Alinah Ralints'i

McAli Candy

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2020 BPC Winner

“After participating in the BPC, I have seen a big change in my business. We were unable to serve customers on time due to limited raw materials and a slow operations procedure. Through the funding received, we have maximized our production by increasing our supply of raw materials. We were also able to purchase a detergent’s mixing machine along with a computer and printer which have helped to keep business records and provide invoices.”

Tsukulu Motsamai

Chem Cleaners

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2019 BEP Finalist

“The BEP has helped us to acquire equipment for ease of operation when doing production and we were able to add prime garlic achaar on top of prime canned chillies which we were already selling. Apart from that, I was able to put my skills into practice which are being enhanced day by day through the tasks we were given, and I can finally say I have found myself and I understand what I am doing when it comes to business development and management.”

Ntlotliseng Ramoruti

Brace Manufacturing

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2020 BPC Finalist

“My business has achieved several milestones since winning the BPC, including the fact that we were able to increase staff which improved our workflow. We procured more sewing machines including specialized ones with functions we were not able to do previously, and we’ve been able to buy fabrics which has made it easier to manufacture ready-to-wear outfits for last minute shoppers. Having increase staff has improved the business’ workflow and the office equipment we currently have makes reporting and recording smoother for our bookkeeper.”

T’soanelo Jae

Miss Jae Clothing

Clients Testimonials

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