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  • What is BEDCO?
    BEDCO is parastatal of the Lesotho government with a mandate of establishing and developing indigenous Basotho owned businesses.
  • What is the difference between BEDCO and Ministry of Small Business?
    BEDCO is an agency of the Ministry of Small Business.
  • How does BEDCO publicize its services?
    BEDCO uses various mediums to market its services to all stakeholders. These include print, radio, TV, events such as roadshows, activations and market days.
  • What is business incubation?
    Business incubation is the nurturing of small and newly established businesses so that they grow to become independent and self-sustaining. This environment includes work space and workshop space at subsidized rates, facilitation of access to market and finance, business coaching and mentoring services and technology advisory services provided in conjunction with our collaborators.
  • Does BEDCO assist entrepreneurs with filling income tax return forms?
    BEDCO does not complete income tax return forms but it can facilitate this through the provision of training by offering tailor made courses to address these. In addition, mentoring services would also be provided which would also address the issues of completing the tax return forms.
  • Does BEDCO provide finance for MSMEs?
    No. BEDCO does not provide finance to SMEs. However, BEDCO assists with the appraisal of business plans for presentation to financial institutions by SMEs to access business finance.
  • How does BEDCO promote linkages that enable access to markets?
    Facilitation of business linkages for BEDCO assisted enterprises is meant to enhance accessibility to markets. This is done through participation of SMMES at trade fairs, where they exhibit and showcase their products and services to various markets. One on one buyer-seller meetings are also conducted during trade fairs, where exhibitors meet with invited potential buyers to discuss market requirements as well as establish supply relationships. MSMEs get to network and benchmark with best practice within their industries, as well as sell their products. Linkages are also done at branch level where clients’ products and services are introduced to markets within the region.
  • How do you influence changes in policies, regulations and infrastructure?"
    As part of its mandate, BEDCO identifies regulations and policies which present challenges to the local SMME community. BEDCO is mandated to advise the Ministry of Trade and Industry on any legislation which is seen as a barrier to SMME development. BEDCO therefore plays an advocacy role for change of regulations as and whenever the need arises.
  • Does BEDCO provide training to aspiring business people?
    Yes. Our training courses are suitable for people who want to start and those who are already in business
  • Do I have to visit BEDCO Estates for training?
    BEDCO conducts training courses throughout the country in convenient venues to the participants. We conduct training courses to minimum number of twenty persons.
  • Can I get marketing assistance for my products?
    BEDCO assists the entrepreneurs with establishment of market linkages with potential buyers. Contracts and prices are the responsibility of the entrepreneur to negotiate with the potential buyers.
  • How can I get assistance from BEDCO?
    You can visit your nearest BEDCO Office for assistance.
  • Where can I find BEDCO offices?
    Maseru, Leribe, Botha Bothe, Mafeteng, Mohale’s Hoek, Qacha’s Nek
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