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Business Development 

BEDCO’s business development support services consist of mentorship, acceleration and more. These are support services that are provided to SMEs with high growth potential and are delivered through professional business consultants and successful entrepreneurs.


BEDCO’s business incubation is a programme targeting business start-ups that are enrolled in other programmes such as Business Plan Competitions and Entrepreneurship Promotion. The programme is delivered through private incubators.

The programme is administered through the Virtual Business Incubation platform that hosts various groups such as MSMEs, BDSPs, mentors, etc. The platform has e-learning capabilities where training materials are uploaded.


Access to Finance and 

BEDCO’s Access to Finance programme seeks to enable MSMEs access business funding by means of traditional financing through the banking sector and supporting small and medium businesses access non-traditional financing through the facilitation of venture capital and equity funding.

In addition, the Corporation fosters increased access to international and local markets for MSMEs. Platforms used here include physical and virtual expos, market linkages and suppliers’ development programmes, and the formation of business clusters.

BEDCO encourages and capacitates people to see entrepreneurship as their preferred career choice. Activities carried out under this programme include awareness creation, information dissemination and conducting business idea generation sessions. Youth and employees who are nearing retirement age are the primary targets of this programme.

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