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Micro Business Development


Project Overview –

BEDCO acknowledges that enterprises in Lesotho remain informal as a result of limited information and the support required to register. Other factors include low inspection and enforcement capacity, high registration and compliance costs, and others. The Micro Business Development Project therefore seeks to provide a platform that will facilitate the registration, licensing and compliance of micro and informal business across the country. This will be done through collaborative efforts between BEDCO and relevant stakeholders.

Objectives –

        - To encourage micro enterprises within the specified sector to acquire legal business documents so that they too may                operate in the mainstream of the economy.

        - To simply trading for targeted enterprises.

        - To enable micro enterprises to access funding.

        - To enable micro enterprises to access markets.

Project Streams - 

         - Incubation & Mentorship

         - Business Plan Competition

         - Business Idea Pitching


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