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SME Development


Project Overview –

BEDCO’s SME Development Project implements all key activities that target the general population of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). On an annual basis, it seeks to develop and grow small businesses into medium business, medium business into large businesses.


Objectives –


         -  To provide training to SMEs across the country.

          -  To open a shared textile services facility in Maseru.

          -  To provide mentorship and acceleration services to SMEs.

          -  To host a physical/virtual expo annually.

          -  To host buyer-seller meetings across the country.

          -  To facilitate the formation of business clusters across the country.

          -  To establish a supplier development programme.

          -  To facilitate financial linkages for SMEs.

          -  To facilitate the development of business plan template that is endorsed by financial institutions.

Project Streams - 

           - Capacity Building

           - Access to Finance

           - Access to Markets



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