Business Plan Competition
Business Plan Competition

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Formalisation Project
Formalisation Project

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Business Plan Competition
Business Plan Competition

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Business Plan

Welcome to the Business Plan Competition platform! You are invited to test drive your ideas as an entrepreneur and forge your place in the growing entrepreneurial eco-system.

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BEDCO Capacity Building

BEDCO's Capacity Building Program features targeted interventions to help grow  businesses based on an in-depth  diagnosis.

Target sectors

  • Agriculture

  •  Manufacturing 

  • Tourism and Creative Industries

  • Technology and Innovation

  • Renewable Energy 

Venture Capital Financing

Are you a Mosotho entrepreneur looking for financing to expand your business?


Take your business to the next level and apply for venture capital financing by clicking on the button below

Our Services

Business Development

These services consist mainly of mentorship, acceleration, legal services etc.



Business incubation is a programme targeting youth business start-ups.

Access to Finance and Markets

BEDCO helps  entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial skills necessary to start businesses.

Entrepreneurship Promotion

BEDCO offers training on technical areas such as fashion design and tailoring. 

Latest News

Smart Youth Fund Project Launched


BEDCO Awards 50 Youth M100, 000

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On 20th April 2022, BEDCO awarded 50 youth entrepreneurs each with M100,000.00 in seed capital. This was done through the support of the African Development Bank through the Economic Diversification Project.

On 29th April 2022, BEDCO signed a memorandum of understanding with Sekhametsi Investment Consortium and Lesotho Post Bank, thus launching the Smart Youth Fund Project! Through this partnership, Sekhametsi has pledged M300,000.00 towards a revolving fund that will be open to youth entrepreneurs in the Agriculture sector, while LPB will be providing the necessary facilities for disbursement of funds


Hape Marite Mphale 2_edited.jpg

Hape Marite Mphale

"We now have practical human resources and a financial strategy that we are implementing. Our production capacity has increased by 100%. Through the relationships forged with incubates, we have begun to exchange services and source from one another."

neo sekhesa 2.jpg

Neo Sekhesa

“Winning the funding assisted us in getting recognition for our brands . The training we got from the BEP was very impactful because we understood our business better. With the BEP fund, we were able to purchase equipment that expended our production by tenfold."

Lipuo Nkholi 2.jpeg

Lipuo Nkholi

"I was absolutely new in business when I won the prize. The BEP helped me organize myself, formalize my business and it is safe to say they initiated me in this journey. Our very first machinery came from the funding and it was great to stop cooking from my small kitchen."

Our Partners

Our Partners


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