In an attempt to arrest poverty and to facilitate establishment of small businesses by people who possess operational skills in carpentry and who aspire to start business but lack the necessary capital and business skill to do so,  Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation (BEDCO),  calls for applications from interested people to join our incubation project (Qhotsiso project). The project is intended to assist unemployed carpenters to become employers and drivers of economic growth by becoming entrepreneurs. The project is also intended to foster entrepreneurship culture to ensure sustainable businesses that can contribute to the economic growth through job creation. The incubation center is going to be based at BEDCO Sebaboleng Maseru for a period of 18 months.


Who is eligible?


The project specifically targets Basotho who possess operational skills in carpentry, whose small businesses are less than a year in operation and are struggling to access necessary machines and those who aspire to start their own businesses in the same industry but do not have machines.

Candidates will only be selected on merit based on viability of the idea, a strong business case and longevity. All qualifying individuals in all ten districts of the country are eligible to submit their completed application forms. However, all candidates should note that BEDCO will not cater for their living expenses for the duration of incubation in Maseru. They should be able to sustain themselves financially.


Selection and adjudication process


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and be called for interviews. Interviews will consist of written and workshop tests. In cases where clarity is needed with regard to applicant’s information, an oral interview will be conducted. A panel of adjudicators, comprising BEDCO’s technical and business consultants will make the final selection of applicants who will be invited to join the programme.



During the implementation, candidates will be given a supervised access to the workshop and all the machines and equipment for 18 months and graduate upon satisfactory completion of the programme. Offsite incubation will continue for a period not exceeding 12 months. Incubatees will be capacitated to be able to source markets for both supplies and their products and to operate businesses efficiently. They will be provided with all business development services as well as technical skills upgrading training as per identified needs from time to time.


Submission and deadline


Application forms are available at all BEDCO offices. THE FINAL DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION FORMS IS ON THE 30th SEPTEMBER, 2016. Enquiries can be made via telephone on the following numbers: +266 2221 6100. Contact person: ‘M’e Likeleli Mahlehle

Terms and Conditions do apply

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